10-11 сентября 2018 г. в г. Марсель (Франция) пройдёт 2018 Workshop on “Redox Films for Energy Conversion – bioelectrochemical and molecular systems”. Регистрация до 1 августа 2018 г.



  • Specific degradation pathways of  biological catalysts (oxidative/reductive stress, reaction with dioxygen and reactive oxygen species…)
  • Specific degradation pathways of molecular (non-biological) catalysts (hydrolysis, ligand exchange, degradation due to redox cycling, side-reactions for example with O2, H2O2, CO…)
  • Challenges and limitations in the engineering of tolerant/robust catalysts, including enzymes (the robustness/activity compromise, …)
  • Protection needs for electrocatalysts
  • Design, assembly, characterization and modelling of redox films and other protection matrices
  • Challenges and limitations in the design of the protection matrices
  • Bio-inspired protection
  • Engineered tolerance/protection synergies

Registration is free and includes lunch. The number of attendants is limited to 50. If you register and later change your mind, please let us know so that we can give your seat to somebody else.