Research facilities

Research Center of Nanostructured Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Two laboratory rooms (about 70 m2) for R&D in the field of metal-ion batteries
Mettler-Toledo TGA/DSC 3+ system for thermal analysis (combined thermal gravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry)
4-portargoneMBraunUnilabglove box with equipment forbattery manufacturing: (1) disk cutter for cutting cathodes and anodes, (2) press for assembling coin-type CR2032cells, (3) vacuum packer Micro Jumbo for degassing electrolyte and sealing pouch-type batteries, (4) hot rolling press for calendering cathode and  anode
Planetary ball millFritsch Pulverisette 7 Premium line with 2 grinding stations for the finest grinding and mixing of samples
Ultrasonic homogenizer BandelinSonopuls HD 3200
DrBlade setup with precision temperature control for drying thin films
Vacuum ovens for drying electrodes (25 L)
Fourteen 8-channel battery testersNeware BTS for the characterization of metal-ion batteries
Two setups for electrochemical measurements (cyclic and pulsed voltammetry) based on the Elins P2X potentiostat-galvanostat


Scientific Departments