DFMCES / Complex of Laboratories for Hydrogen Materials Science

Federal Research Center of Problem of Chemical Physics and Medicinal Chemestry RAS

Complex of Laboratories for Hydrogen Materials Science

Complex of Laboratories for hydrogen materials science (Head is Tarasov B.P.) was established by order of June 22, 2022 and consists of:

  • Laboratory of Metal Hydride Energy Technologies with a staff of 20 people (Head is Lototsky M.V.).
  • Group of Hydride and Boride Nanomaterials with a staff of 8 people (Head is Fursikov P.V.)
  • Group of Metal Hydride Current Sources with a staff of 6 people (Head is Volodin A.A.).

Main areas of research:

  • Development of new scientific approaches to the creation of highly efficient metal hydride and composite materials for compact and safe storage and transportation of hydrogen,
  • Development of scientifically substantiated optimal technologies for the production of hydrogen-accumulating alloys and composites,
  • Modeling of processes in metal-hydrogen systems to determine the optimal compositions and designs of metal hydride batteries and hydrogen compressors,
  • Development of new materials and original solutions for the production of high-pressure hydrogen by hydrolysis and thermolysis,
  • Development of science-based technological solutions for the use of metal hydride materials and products in hydrogen energy,
  • Development of new nanosized hydride materials with high hydrogen content using quantum chemical calculations and original experimental research methods,
  • Development of original methods for the synthesis of boride and nitride materials with increased resistance to hydrogen and oxygen,
  • Development of new structural materials for hydrogen storage and transportation, resistant to hydrogen,
  • Search and development of new electrode and electrolyte materials for nickel-metal hydride rechargeable current sources,
  • Development of new technical solutions for the creation of nickel-metal hydride batteries and fuel cells.


Head of the Complex: PhD, Leading Researcher Boris P. Tarasov:

Phone: 8-496-5221743; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Scientific interests:

Inorganic and physical chemistry. Hydrogen and renewable energy. Hydrogen and carbon materials science. Chemistry of metal hydrides and carbon nanomaterials. Hydrogen storage and hydrogen generating materials and devices. Hydrogen systems for the accumulation and storage of electricity.

Scientific achievements:

more than 450 scientific papers and 20 patents (as of 07/01/2022):

WoS (ResearcherID: I-6837-2017): publications - 209, citations - 2390, h-index – 25;

Scopus (author ID: 7006145022, since 1985): publications – 175, citations – 2280, h-index – 25;

RSCI (SPIN code: 1813-7807, AuthorID: 43281): publications – 367, citations – 4390, h-index – 32.

Tarasov Boris
Head of Laboratory
Candidate of Science
8(49652) 2-17-43
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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