Pharma-Nit Ltd.

Small innovative enterprises with FRC PCP MC RAS participation

Established in 2015

Scope of activity
Development of an innovation pharmaceutical for treatment of tumor diseases of various etiology. The pharmaceutical is based on a nitrosyl iron complex containing pharmacologically active antitumor ligands.

Treatment of oncologic diseases: treatment of tumors of various genesis.

Competitive advantages
The new nitrosyl iron complex contains pharmacologically active antitumor ligands, viz., NO groups and N-ethylthiourea. Toxicity of the complex is 10 lower than that of available analogs (e.g. cisplatin), and antitumor activity is compatible.

High effectiveness of the complex with respect to some cancer cells (including breast cancer, glioblastoma, pancreas cancer, etc.) has been corroborated. The complex has been characterized, from research data, as a low toxic compound. At present, investigations are in progress, and the search for investors is being performed, which is aimed at the performance of further pre-clinic and clinical research for the substance application to medicine.

Director: Nataliya A. Sanina
Address: 1, Acad. Semenov Av., 142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region
Tel.: +7 (49652) 2-11-68
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