Research and Educational Center

Federal Research Center of Problem of Chemical Physics and Medicinal Chemestry RAS

According to the decree of the Scientific Council of IPCP RAS dated by 03.07.08 and Regulations of IPCP RAS, Research and Educational Centeras a structural sub-division of the Institute has been established. Its activity is aimed at improving the efficiency of education and science integration.

Main objectives of REC are:

  • Training of researchers for the Institute in the field of chemical physics and according to the priority research trends of the Institute;
  • Expansion of joint research with universities in the field of chemical physics based on Master Degree programs;
  • Development of teaching-methodical materials and of new courses for tertiary institutions;
  • Use of IPCP RAS scientific potential in educational process on regular basis.

REC «Chemical Physics» has been established based on a longstanding experience of IPCP RAS in teaching senior students of various tertiary institutions.

Basic chairs available in REC



Name of a tertiary institution – partner

Supervisor (academic degree and status)


Sub-division «Engineering Chemical Physics» of the Faculty of Fundamental Physical-Chemical Engineering (FFPCE)

M.V. Lomonosov MSU

S.M. Aldoshin (Academician, Professor, Doctor of Science)


Chair of Physics of Organized Structures and Chemical Processes

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

S.M. Aldoshin (Academician, Professor, Doctor of Science)


Chair of Engineering and Chemical Physics

Samara State Technology University

Yu. M. Mikhailov (Academician, Professor, Doctor of Science)


Branch of the Chair of Mathematical Physics of the Physical-Technical Faculty

Tomsk State University

N.G. Samoilenko (Ph.D.)