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On March 1, 20,20 in the Elbrus region (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) started the XXXV international conference “Equations of state for matter”.

The conference “Equations of the state of matter” is one of the oldest conferences in our country. It has been held without interruption for more than forty years since 1978. In due time in the USSR it was a closed meeting, which brought together several dozen physicists from the most secret laboratories of our country. No outsiders were allowed in here. That is why the area hidden between the mountains of the Caucasus was chosen for the event.

After perestroika, the conference acquired international status. Now a large number ofparticipants from different countries and institutions are now coming together here. The conference became public. For many years the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference is Academician V.E. Fortov.

The main attentionat the conference is traditionally paid to the physical properties of the substance in extreme conditions at high pressures and temperatures, as well as physical phenomena arising from the interaction of intensive energy flows with condensed substance.

During the conference invited speakers, sectional oral and poster presentations are planned. The conference offers opportunities for informal discussions, communication and cooperation.


XXXII International Conference on Interaction of Intense Energy Fluxes with Matter (ELBRUS 2017) will be held at the Educational-Scientific Base of KBSU in Elbrus settlement, in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic of the Russian Federation, from Tuesday, March 1, to Sunday, March 6, 2017.
The technical focus of the conference is on physics of phenomena arising from the interaction of intense energy fluxes with condensed matter, as well as on physical properties of matter under extreme conditions at high pressures and temperatures. Invited plenary talks and contributed presentations in oral and poster sessions are planed.
Abstracts due deadline December 31, 2016  

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