IPCP RAS / History

The Institute of  Problems of Chemical Physics of the RAS was organized on the initiative of the Nobel Prize Winner Academi­cian N.N. Semenov in 1956 as a research testing area (later as a Branch) of the Inst­itute of Chemical Physics of the AS USSR.

  First steps of the construction.
  Academician N.N. Semenov is on the left

Initially established for large-scale experiments related to the development of novel powerful explosives, later on the Institute extended considerably its research interests.


Nobel Prize Winner Academician
N.N. Semenov

Major research directions were provided by outstanding Soviet scientists such as Academicians N.M. Emmanuel, V.N.Kondrat'ev, N.S.Enikolopov, V.I.GoI'danskii, Yu.B.Khariton, Ya.B.Zel'dovich, A.G.Merzhanov, A.L.Buchachenko, A.E.Shilov, V.E.Fortov, M.V.AIfimov, S.M.AIdoshin and Corresponding Members of the RAS V.L.Tal'roze, G.B.Manelis, V.F.Razumov, G.I.Kanel, Yu.M. Mikhailov; Professors LO. Atovmyan, A.N. Dremin, B.A. Rozenberg, L.N. Stesik, L.T. Eremenko and others.






Corresponding Member of RAS
F.I. Dubovitskii

In 1991 the Institute became an independent scientific organization, and since 1997 it has been known as the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics. Corresponding Member of the RAS F.I. Dubovitskii was the first director of the Branch of ICP AS USSR. He has made an enormous contribution to the establishment and development of the Institute and the Scientific Center of the RAS in Chernogolovka.     







S.M. Baturin

In the period of 1991 to 1997 the Institute was headed by Professor S.M. Baturin.






At present, Academician S.M.Aldoshin, Vice-president of the RAS is Director of  IPCP RAS.